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ZY Education’s New Research Model Helps Students Reach to the World’s Top Universities

ZY Education’s New Research Model Helps Students Reach to the World’s Top Universities

November 21
02:24 2023

ZY Education (ZYsphere Inc.) is proud to announce that its young students have recently published high-level academic papers in top international journals, demonstrating their exceptional research abilities. This affirms ZY’s continued success in producing bright young researchers.


ZY Education has a group of over 700 professors and researchers from world leading universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and so on, as well as top executives of Fortune 500 companies. ZY is committed to providing research-based education to all students, is revolutionizing the education industry in the U.S., China, Canada, U.K., and beyond. With the motto “Inspiration through words, truthfulness, and innovation,” ZY has assisted numerous students in achieving their scientific research aspirations, with a total of 10000+ international academic papers published under the guidance of ZY research mentors. By deviating from the conventional education style and maintaining the original objective of advancing schools through scientific research and education, they have received multiple international awards. Now, ZY is launching a new strategic planning phase to enhance scientific research and teaching quality, cultivate more technological innovation talent, and serve with science and education.

ZY Education’s unique scientific research and education model has gained significant attention in the expansive Chinese education market. The ZY Academy, a division composed of leading professors from top universities (particularly IVY League), was established to help students comprehend and execute research projects independently with self-devised research methodology and AI-powered technology tools, including multidimensional data analysis, combinatorial experimental design, and research education techniques.


Zhang Liang, a high-school student from China, has always had a passion for science since childhood. However, due to the increasing pressure of exam-oriented education system, he gradually developed an aversion to studying, which led to the burial of his research talent and the loss of his former “light”. However, his fortunes took a turn for the better when he encountered a research mentor from ZY. Under the guidance of Prof. Smith (Princeton University) at ZY, he developed his research topics and direction, eventually publishing his first research paper in English. “I could still be struggling in the confusion of test-based education without ZY Education. Their methodology and tools helped me understand the nature of scientific research and enabled me to turn my passion into concrete research projects.” Zhang Liang has joined Harvard’s Chemistry Department to pursue an exciting new chapter in his career.

Li Na started to work with a ZY research mentor on a biodiversity project since her freshman year, which ignited her passion for biology. Their experiences showcase the transformative power of mentorship and hands-on learning. Li Na won first place in the National College Science Competition with her project and was admitted to Cornell University in the United States to study biological sciences in the Ivy League.

The whole ZY family congratulated Li Na on her remarkable achievement. “We have always encouraged our students to develop innovative thinking and explore cutting-edge science. These high-level papers demonstrate their scientific research ability growth. We hope this marks the beginning of their journey to reach new heights in their future research endeavors.”

The story of ZY started nearly a decade ago and ZY continues to help more and more students in terms of scientific research education, internship, and university application. During the past decade, ZY has assisted students with over 7000+ offers from world leading universities (mostly QS100 ranking and Ivy League universities). ZY has positively impacted numerous students by providing them with the opportunity to realize their research aspirations and change their trajectory. It is foreseeable that under ZY’s guidance, students will embark on a new era of scientific research and create exceptional milestones on this journey.

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