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Revolutionizing Medical Histories: Treatment AI’s (CSE: TRUE) Pioneering Approach to Culturally Sensitive Data Collection

Revolutionizing Medical Histories: Treatment AI’s (CSE: TRUE) Pioneering Approach to Culturally Sensitive Data Collection

April 02
06:06 2024
Revolutionizing Medical Histories: Treatment AI's (CSE: TRUE) Pioneering Approach to Culturally Sensitive Data Collection
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Within the field of artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI is rapidly transforming the healthcare sector. Generative AI models are able to create new data instances that bear a striking resemblance to real healthcare data by utilizing sophisticated machine learning methods. These cutting-edge methods have the power to completely change a number of healthcare-related fields, including medication development, patient care, and disease detection and diagnosis.

In a significant leap forward for digital healthcare, Vancouver-based AI Inc. (CSE: TRUE, OTC: TREIF, Frankfurt: 939) has proudly announced its receipt of funding from The National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop an innovative, culturally sensitive artificial intelligence (AI) approach to collecting family medical histories. This pioneering project, in partnership with Rush River Research in Minneapolis, is set to revolutionize how medical information is gathered, particularly for African-American families.

Bridging the Gap in Medical Data Collection

The conventional methods clinicians use to collect family medical histories often fall short when it comes to adequately capturing crucial information from blended families or non-traditional relationships, which are prevalent in racial or ethnic minority communities. This shortfall is even more pronounced in African-American communities, where historical trauma and systemic bias may limit the available information about relatives’ health.’s initiative aims to address these disparities head-on, using AI to refine and improve the way health data is collected and recorded.

A Culturally Sensitive Approach

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by African-American families, and Rush River Research have engaged directly with the community, organizing multiple focus groups with African American doctors and community members. These discussions have been instrumental in developing and prototyping culturally sensitive methods to collect family health information, ensuring that the AI platform can accommodate the nuances of diverse family structures and histories.

Towards a Fairer Future in Healthcare

As part of its commitment to reducing health inequity, is also focused on building the world’s most comprehensive and integrated online medical library powered by AI — the Global Library of Medicine. This ambitious project aims to ensure that future diagnostic and treatment information provided by AI platforms is free from the biases currently reflected in medical AI programs. By involving African-American voices in the evaluation and improvement of the Treatment platform, the company is ensuring that a broad and diverse perspective informs the continuous enhancement of its technology.

From Prototype to Commercial Solution

The initial prototype for the family history solution has been seamlessly integrated into the Treatment AI platform. With ongoing enhancements, this solution will be rigorously tested and implemented in future iterations of the Global Library of Medicine platform. Following this successful development phase, Treatment and Rush River Research have submitted an expanded Phase 2 grant proposal to the NIH. The aim is to evolve the prototype into a commercial solution that can be widely adopted and integrated into electronic health records and online applications.

A Visionary Statement

Kevin Peterson MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer at, encapsulates the vision of the project: “Old data approaches inevitably reflect old biases. Treatment confronts issues of historical bias by reinventing how data about families is collected and stored to reflect the realities of modern life.”

A Call to Investors and Traders

For investors and traders in the healthcare and technology sectors,’s innovative approach represents not just a leap in healthcare equity but also a potentially promising investment opportunity. By addressing long-standing disparities and biases, is not only advancing the field of digital health but also positioning itself as a leader in the rapidly growing market for AI-driven healthcare solutions. As the project moves from prototype to commercialization, the potential for significant impact — both socially and financially — is immense.

In conclusion,’s (CSE: TRUE) culturally sensitive AI initiative for collecting family medical histories is a beacon of innovation in the healthcare sector, promising a future where medical data collection is inclusive, accurate, and reflective of our diverse societies. For traders and investors, this represents a unique opportunity to be part of a venture that is set to redefine the standards of healthcare and medical data analysis in the digital age.

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